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2023 Auditions

The Lutheran Chorale of Milwaukee is currently seeking singers, particularly for the Tenor and Bass sections, but anyone is invited to audition. Spots in the Alto and Soprano sections are limited. Once you request an audition, the director will contact you to arrange a date, time and location for the audition.

Membership Requirements

  • Member in good standing of a Wisconsin Synod (WELS) or Evangelical Lutheran Synod (ELS) congregation

  • Attend rehearsals on Sunday evenings (6:30-8:30 p.m. most weeks) at Wisconsin Lutheran High School

  • Perform in the Christmas and Spring concerts

  • Have basic to moderate music reading skills, including identifying pitch on the staff, have an understanding of counting, and be able to sight-read basic musical passages

  • Pay membership fee (TBD for next season)

  • Provide your own concert attire (Outlined here)

Audition Preparation

  • Fill out the online audition form (Start by clicking the button below)

  • Prepare a hymn of your choice, singing your voice-part - Choose a hymn that showcases your voice

  • Warm up on your own before you come

Audition Procedure

  • Your vocal range will be tested through basic warm-up exercises (you should come warmed up).

  • You will sing your own voice-part on your chosen hymn.

  • Your "vocal memory" will be tested. The director will sing a short phrase and ask you to remember it and sing right back.

  • You will sightread a passage of music

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